Starting with blogging again in 2013


My poor blog has been looking rather neglected. I haven’t really posted much for most of 2012, I’m hoping to change that a bit in 2013.

The second half of the year rather got away from me and I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I’m hoping to change that this year.

First thing that needs to be finished is the book I’m working about how  to get started with data journalism. It’s nearly finished, just a couple of stubborn chapters left to write (there is also the proofreading to do but it seems best not to think about that).

Other than that, I feel like I need to kick-start my learning when it comes to data journalism, there’s some new techniques I want to master, and I wanted to get Open Wales up and running again…and I have a start-up to launch at some point. So plenty to do.

Even though I failed to do much in the way of blogging, it appears people kept visiting. These were the most visited posts in the past year:

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