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Who I am

Data journalist + FOI expert

My name is ​Claire Miller and I am an award winning investigative data journalist working across national and regional newspapers in the UK, with more than a decade’s experience of using data skills to dig out data, find stories, and create visualisations.

What I do

My areas of expertise

A drawing of a laptop showing a column graph next to a newspaper

Data Journalism

Turning official data, statistics, and FOI responses into interesting, engaging exclusive stories that connect with readers.

Data Analysis

Spending hours trying to clean messy data or analysing information. Are there quicker techniques and formulas?

Data Visualisation

Visually telling your data stories can be the strongest way to get your point across. But what makes a great graph?

A drawing of a laptop showing blacked out text next to a newspaper headlined FOI news

Freedom of Information

From ideas to get you started with sending your first FOI request to help with fighting refusals and other challenges.


Telling Stories through Numbers

Regularly updated with tutorials and tips, the Telling Stories through Numbers blog is a great first stop for learning more about data journalism and Freedom of Information.

How to posts walk you through finding, cleaning, analysing, and visualising data, while the regular #FOIFriday features is a weekly update on repeatable FOI ideas.

Getting Started with Data Journalism

Want to start learning the techniques for data journalism, or give the skills you have a boost.

This e-book is packed with data journalism tips and tutorials to help you find data, analyse and visualise, and create great stories.

my stories

Explore a selection of my data journalism and Freedom of Information stories