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about me

Data Journalist + FOI Expert

My name is ​Claire Miller and I am an award winning investigative data journalist working across national and regional newspapers in the UK, with more than a decade’s experience of using data skills to dig out data, find stories, and create visualisations.

I’ve grappled with thousands of spreadsheets and datasets in search of stories. Spent hours trying to clean messy data. Put weeks of work into analysing that information. Then found lots of quicker techniques and formulas to speed that up.

I’ve unearthed great stories from datasets, the kind of stories audiences want to read, and learnt so much over the years about data journalism.  Expertise I put into practice everyday.

I am also an enthusiastic sender of Freedom of Information requests, with experience that makes me an FOI expert. I’ve used requests to get the data that makes front page stories on national papers . I’ve doggedly pursued access to the information I need, up to winning against the Information Commissioner in court.

I truly believe being able to work with data and/or use FOI requests can help journalists get different and better stories. And that these skills can be useful to anyone with an interest in communicating on issues or holding public bodies to account. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt and the techniques I’ve developed so more people can benefit from this knowledge. 

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