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Huge list of data journalism resources

Data Journalism

Montreal Gazette’s Data Blog 

Data journalism: Resources to help reporters get started collecting and analyzing data

Helsingin Sanomat provides guidelines to journalists on use of open data

Data Driven Journalism: The Series Begins…

25 great links for data lovin’ journalists

John Keefe’s blog on being a protojournohacker

Top 10 things for getting started in data journalism

Data Journalism or Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR)

Tools, Slides and Links from NICAR12

Get Data

Data Resources


London Datastore

Data GM

Fingal Open Data

List of dates when council and police authority accounts are open to view

Buzz Data


Zanran (PDF/spreadsheet/table search engine)

How to find link worthy data


ScraperWiki CIJ workshop in blog form

Scraping CSVs

Make RSS with an SQL query

Dollars for Docs data collection guide

Scraping guide: dates and times

ScraperWiki tutorial screencast for non-programmers

Scraping Excel spreadsheets

Getting an HTML table

Making data more usable with ScraperWiki

Open Data

How The Open Data Movement Could Benefit From Using A Marketing Approach

UK Government Open Data Pledges


Google Charts – See Getting Started With Charts and Interactive Charts. There are also samples in the Google Visualization API Gallery.

Adding geographical information to a spreadsheet based on postcodes – Google Refine and APIs

How to grab useful political data with the They Work For You API

Beginner’s guide for journalists who want to understand API documentation

PDF Conversions





Yahoo Pipes

Introduction to Yahoo Pipes

Learn How to Build a Pipe in Just a Few Minutes on Yahoo!

Discovering Co-location Communities – Twitter Maps of Tweets Near Wherever…

Clean and Analyse Data


Manual on Excel for data journalists

Visualizing Toronto’s water usage: a tutorial


SQL Tutorial

A Gentle Introduction to SQL Using SQLite

Introducing SQL for Lightweight Data Manipulation

Structured Query Language (SQL): an introduction

Google Refine and Data Wrangling

Stanford Data Wrangler

Data Patterns

How journalists can use Google Refine to clean ‘dirty’ data sets

The Overview Project


Cleaning data with Google Refine

Combining data with Google Refine


GPS Visualiser

How to: convert easting/northing into lat/long for an interactive map

Postcode Finder

Google Docs

How to collaborate (or crowdsource) by combining Delicious and Google Docs

Asking questions of a webpage – and finding out when those answers change


Try R for Statistics: First Steps (PDF) by Peter Aldhous, Hands-on R, a step-by-step tutorial (PDF) by Jacob Fenton, and the project’s own An Introduction to R.

The R Statistics blog has a number of visualization samples.

Unlocking Big Data with R

Power Tools for Aspiring Data Journalists: Funnel Plots in R

Generating Twitter Wordclouds in R (Prompted by an Open Learning Blogpost)

Visualising Twitter User Timeline Activity in R

Network Analysis

Download this detailed free NodeXL tutorial (PDF) or these basic step-by-step instructions on analyzing your own Facebook social network (PDF).

Following the money: making networks visible with HTML5

Make Data Pretty


Stamen Design


Try this OpenLayers Simple Example. A good sample is Ushahidi’s Haiti map.

There are other JavaScript libraries for overlaying information on maps, such as Polymaps. And there are a number of other mapping platforms, such as Google Maps, which offers numerous mapping APIsYahoo Maps Web Services, with its own APIs; the Bing Maps platform and APIs; and GeoCommons.


How To Build an Interactive Map with Open-Source Tools

Making maps, part 1: Less interactivity

Augmented Reality



Tutorial: Processing, Javascript, and Data Visualization

TileMill for Processing

Fusion Tables

What options exist for displaying icons, lines and polygon colors on the map?

How to map in Fusion Tables: a basic tutorial

How to combine multiple Fusion Tables into one map

Answering some FAQs about Fusion Tables


Blue things and Green things

Making Table Calculations work in Tableau

Show Me! – When less is definitely more

Preprocess shapefile for Tableau Tutorial Video

Hey! Your Tableau Public Viz is Ugly *and* Confusing

App Makers


Android training


TimelineSetter: A New Way to Display Timelines on the Web

Tiki Toki


Coding Q and A

Code Academy


The Bastards Book of Ruby

Hackety Hack

Rails Casts


Think Python

Learn Python The Hard Way

Crash into Python

Khan Academy


Learn Html & CSS in 30 days


Nathan’s Lessons


Semantic Search

Open Calais

If Then Commands


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