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How to get started with data journalism

Well, it’s finally here. I’ve published my book Getting Started with Data Journalism.

It is a comprehensive look at techniques for finding, cleaning, analysing and visualising data and hopefully help at least a few people learn more about data journalism (or just a few basic sums and a better understanding of Excel, pretty much essential skills for journalists today).

It’s taken about a year to write (and edit pictures, there are lots of pictures).

It is aimed at beginners and people who are just getting to grips with data journalism. There are lots of practical examples, with links to datasets you can practice on. This is kind of the main idea behind the book, to use real world examples from an actual newsroom, to help give people an idea of what works and how you can use data journalism to find great stories.

There is a sample of some of the chapters on the page so you can get an idea of the contents, plus the table of contents tells you what’s in the book.

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